Plastic Film Cans

A new product to the range, the 15" (380mm) diameter film can is extremely durable yet lightweight and easy to handle.

Specification Model FCP15

Size15 inch (380mm) diameter x 35mm - to hold 2000ft (610m) reel of film
Dimensions external 380mm x 42mm
internal 372mm x 38mm
wall thickness 2mm
Weight 535 grams (empty)
Options The film can is available in special or standard primary colours at extra cost - minimum quantities may apply
Standard Colours black and grey

Manufactured from medium impact block copolymer (polyproplene) melting point 160 deg. C., injection moulded at 220 deg. C, DIN ratio density 0.905 to provide 100% light resistance. Finished with spark-eroded matt surface (a) to absorb and not reflect light (b)to provide friction during handling (c) to prevent undue slippage when stacked.